Drumming Steps - 'DRUMMING FOR ALL AGES' by Roby Corelli 
  • Drumming Steps - 'DRUMMING FOR ALL AGES' by Roby Corelli 
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Starting with the most important fundamentals, Drumming Steps is the foundation you need to start living your drumming dream. No matter your age or experience, or whether you’re looking for a hobby or have ambitions of touring the world; Drumming Steps is where it all begins. Learning to drum takes patience and discipline, but Drumming Steps is designed to keep you motivated and interested each step of the way encouraging you to progress and develop as a drummer, based on essential techniques that form the building blocks of advanced drumming. At your own pace you will learn and refine skills that will not only take you to the next level, but skills you will call upon for your entire drumming career. Whether you are starting from scratch or picking up where you left off, your drumming dream can start right now

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