Intrepid Drummer - 'MANUSCRIPT DIARY' by Roby Corelli
  • Intrepid Drummer - 'MANUSCRIPT DIARY' by Roby Corelli
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'Intrepid Drummer' has been created to promote the writing and reading of music to drumming student. Manuscript books can be sterile and lifeless but 'Intrepid Drummer' aims to take serious music learning from the dark to the light . The new approach in having numbered pages in a manuscript book is to allow the teacher and student to easily reference revision pages and tittles as needed for the student. The book also allows for the student to create his or hers own reference index contained in a fold out page at the back of the book for quick location of past lessons. INTREPID means to be fearless and adventurous, if you fears to step outside your comfort zone then the time to try it starts now.

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