PHANTOM GROOVE The one and only Book on Ghosted Notes! Includes deep studies in Timing and Independence. 

Based on the principles Roby teaches his own students, Roby Corelli has compiled the most effective methods and concepts for helping drummers unlock their own creativity and uniqueness. 
While all drummers learn the same fundaments and draw upon other drummers for inspiration, the most impressive players are always those that stand out with their own style and sound. Striving for this, PHANTOM GROOVE teaches you how to translate the skills you know into a more powerful drumming arsenal that highlights your individuality. 
Once the door is open, there are no limits to what you can do.
PHANTOM GROOVE encourages drummers to re-examine and further develop their: Timing, Feel and Groove, Co-ordination, Mental Focus, Endurance and Stamina, Independence, Rhythm Section Playing, Syncopation Reading, Musicality, Ghost Note wisdom and the Two Tone Technique. 


DRUMMING STEPS Everything you need to know to build solid skills and versatility in your drumming! 

Starting with the most important fundamentals, DRUMMING STEPS is the foundation you need to start living your drumming dream. No matter your age or experience, or whether you’re looking for a hobby or have ambitions of touring the world; DRUMMING STEPS is where it all begins. 

Learning to drum takes patience and discipline, but DRUMMING STEPS is designed to keep you motivated and interested each step of the way encouraging you to progress and develop as a drummer, based on essential techniques that form the building blocks of advanced drumming. At your own pace you will learn and refine skills that will not only take you to the next level, but skills you will call upon for your entire drumming career. 

Whether you are starting from scratch or picking up where you left off, your drumming dream can start right now.


INTREPID DRUMMER One of a kind Manuscript Book(Manuscript-Diary)   

INTREPID DRUMMER has been created to promote the writing and reading of music to drumming student. Manuscript books can be sterile and lifeless but INTREPID DRUMMER aims to take serious music learning from the dark to the light . The new approach in having numbered pages in a manuscript book is to allow the teacher and student to easily reference revision pages and tittles as needed for the student. The book also allows for the student to create his or hers own reference index contained in a fold out page at the back of the book for quick location of past lessons. INTREPID means to be fearless and adventurous, if you fear to step outside your comfort zone then now is the time to become the INTREPID DRUMMER.