Roby Corelli

Born in Melbourne. In my early teens I had the privilege to live in Northern Italy for several years. On my return to Australia I pursued my passion in drums and percussion.   

While at high school, I was invited to join the Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra. This was amazing! I truly believe this experience and musical upbringing was important in giving me a broader appreciation, understanding and proficiency as a musician. Throughout my high school years, I developed a goal and a dream to attend the Victoria College of The Arts in Melbourne where I could study music and the drum-set every day. I did join the VCA under the guidance of the great Brian Brown, Graham Lyall and Geoff Kluke to name a few. This was a great beginning!  

After graduating, I began to take part in Melbourne’s live music scene with many different groups across many styles from; reggae, ska, blues, soul, jazz and electronic. My versatility as a musician was noticed and I soon joined alternative-rock band ‘Dry’ that soon signed to Mushroom Records. 

During my endorsement with Yamaha Drums Japan I travel to Osaka to visit the Sakae Rhythm Factory. This is where I was able to build my own custom snare drum, this was crazy!

My passion is also in sharing and planting the seed of curiosity in learning about music. This is where the basis of my music teaching begins. I truly believe everyone has musical talent that with a little recognition can be developed through encouragement, guidance and support. Nurturing and developing musical appreciation in students from a young age through the exploration of musical styles and cultures is extremely important. My musical experience and diversity has allowed me to create music studies and programs that reflect a true commitment towards developing the love of music across all ages and skill levels.   

Music is a gift that goes far beyond our ears, especially during life’s many changes. Drumming is a great way to get away from it all while also feeling we are always coming back home! 

Thank you,

Roby Corelli

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2004 - Roby Corelli - YAMAHA OAK CUSTOM