Phantom Groove:

‘This book will re-examine your playing in every way and increase your development in:

Timing, Feel and Groove, Co-ordination, Mental Focus, Endurance and Stamina, Independence, Rhythm Section Playing, Syncopation Reading, Musicality, and of course your Ghost Note wisdom and the Two-Tone Technique’ - Roby Corelli



  • Single Ghosted Feel 
  • Double Ghosted Feel 
  • 8th Note Continuous Ghosted Feel (Unison) 
  • 16th Note Continuous Ghosted Feel (Unison) 
  • Forward Ghosted Feel 
  • Reverse Ghosted Feel 
  • Triple Ghosted Feel 
  • Shuffle Ghosted Feel and more… 
  • Metronome Time Workouts 
  • Hi-Hat Foot Independence 
  • Two-Tone Techniques 
  • Ideas and Solo Rundown Pieces
  • & much more...